Custody and Parenting Plans

Custody of children and parenting schedules are often the most important and difficult issues in a family situation. Most parents are distressed at the thought that they will not have their children with them as often as while the parties were residing together. Some parents identify the children with the other parent and do not want to spend adequate time with their children. Working out the details of when your children will be with each parent can be some of the most time consuming and upsetting issues for clients.

You may need our services to assist you in making sure that the plan

  • Addresses your children's particular needs
  • Addresses each parent's and the children's schedules and activities
  • Can be adjusted to deal with events that may occur from time to time.

If a trial is necessary on custody or parenting plans, we have had extensive experience in presenting the facts and evidence to the Court that will assist the Court in making an appropriate decision.